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LPC1343 Core Board is a development board for Cortex-M3. It is a easy way to start your project with a powerful but low cost single chip MCU.


  • Using NXP LPC1343, a ARM Cortex-M3 MCU. Up to 72MHz.
  • On-chip 32KiB FLASH.
  • On-chip 8KiB SRAM, good enough for most single chip application.
  • On board ISP (In System Programming) circuit. Dwonload via USB (as mass storage). No external programmer needed.
  • On board EEPROM, good for storage of program parameters.
  • Connector for Serial Wire Debugging, buddled a adapter that able to connect with J-Link.
  • 24 IOs + 6 ADC ports.



CPU:  NXP LPC1343 (Max. 72MHz)
Power:  DC 9V or Powered by USB

 24 IOs, 6 ADC ports


 Via USB (as mass storage) or Serial Wire Debug port

On-chip FLASH:  32KiB
On-chip SRAM:  8KiB


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IOs and connectors

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