Downloading program to LPC1343 Core Board

There are three method to download your program to the LPC1343 Core Board.

1) Build-in ISP Loader via USB

2) Download on IAR via J-Link

3) Using CoFlash via CoLinkEx


Build-in ISP Loader

This is a cost-less method. After LPC1343 enter its build-in ISP Loader, the Core Board will work as a USB Mass-stroage device on you computer. Then you just need to copy and paste your program bin file, then the download is done.

1) Connect the Core Board to your computer via USB.

2) Press both RESET and ISP button.

3) Keep holding the ISP button and release the RESET button.

4) After that, you should find a new Mass-storage (volumne name is CRP_DISABLD) on your computer. You can release the ISP button now. If you cannot find it, wait a while and try it again.
      isp 1

5) There will be only one file named "firmware.bin", delete this file.

6) Copy and paste your program file (bin) to the Mass-storage. Filename is no mater.

7) After that, reset the board. It will run your program now.


Dowload on IAR via J-Link

If you are using IAR as the IDE, this method is perfect. With IAR and J-Link, you can perform on-board debugging too.

1) Connect the J-Link to SWD Adapter, then connect to Core Board.

2) Power the Core Board.

3) Open the IAR project.

4) Edit the Project Options, MenuBar->Project->Options.

5) Change the Debugger Drive to J-Link.
      iar 1

6) After your program built, you can download and debug it, MenuBar->Project->Download and Debug.
      iar 2


Using CoFlash via CoLinkEx

If you just need to download your program and no need the debug function, using the opensource CoLinkEx is a much cost effective way.

1) Download and install the CoFlash.

2) Download and install the CoLinkEx USB Driver.

3) Connect the CoLinkEx to SWD Adapter, then connect to Core Board.

4) Start CoFlash and config the FLash Driver to LPC1343.
      CoFlash 1

5) Select your program bin file and click [PROGRAM].
      CoFlash 2

6) Once the Programming done, your program will start immediately.