IAR Installation for ARM (Windows)

IAR Embedded Workbench is a good IDE for embedded system development. It has two license type:

30-day Evaluation edition
Evaluation edition has a 30 days period limitation but it come with full function.

Kickstart edition
Kiststart edition hasn't time limit, but it limited some powerful function and code size is 32KiB for ARM.

 If your project is for personal use, please download the Kickstart edition. It is free, and 32KiB code is just match the UNO32 FLASH size. Those powerful function is not important for personal user.

Installation of IAR Kictstart edition

1) First you need to download the IAR Embedded Workbench from IAR website. Click the link below to go there.

2) You can read through the page to understand more about Kickstart edition. Or just click the [Continue...] button to start the registration.

3) Answer all qustion mark with *. The email field is important. You will receive the confirmation email and license key via it.

4) Click [Submit registration] when finish. A Product registration email will send to you after that.

5) Open the link within the email. It will bring you to the Registration Confirmed web page. You will get the download link, your License Number and License Key over there. At the bottom area, you should see a "by email" hyperlink. I suggest you click it to get the License information by email, so you can get back the license data after close the browser.

6) After the download completed, execute the downloaded .exe file to start the installer.

7) Click "Install IAR Embedded Workbench" to start the actual installation.
iar installation 1

8) Go through the installation procedures with your received license information.

9) After the install, start the IAR. At the first page, you can find out lots of example code provided by IAR (NXP LPC2103 examples is suitable for UNO32). However, I suggest you to use our provided example to best match with UNO32.
iar installation 2


Build the example project

1) Download the example_iar.zip file. Decompress it to your local harddisk (example: D:\MyIarProject\example_iar).

2) You should see the directory/file structure as below. Double click the "example.eww" to open the project.
iar installation 3

3) After the IAR started, you will see the project is ready there. Right click on the project and select "Rebuild All".
iar installation 4

 4) If everything goes right, the example.hex will generate. You should able to locate it at "D:\MyIarProject\example_iar\Output\Exe".